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Ron grew up in the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan where he attended Michigan Technological University and graduated with a B.S. in business administration. After a brief detour from college in the US Navy, and serving in the Vietnam War, he attended San Fernando Valley College of Law, now LaVerne College of Law. Ron also holds an LL.M. in Taxation from the University of San Diego. He has been a resident of Ventura County since 1979, and currently lives in Oak Park. His real passion and favorite past time is golf!

Ronald A. Hughes spent a number of years in private industry in various positions as a director of contracts, and then as corporate counsel and general counsel in the defense and telecommunications industries. During those years he traveled significantly internationally, negotiating contracts in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Columbia, Brazil, Britain, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Greece, among others.

General Counsel. Since joining Hughes & Hughes, Ron has performed general counsel services for several small to mid-sized companies from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Whether a company requires his time several days per month or on an as needed basis his experience in merger/acquisition, contract negotiation-drafting or review, business strategy and planning, regulatory compliance, employee matters, or trouble shooting legal/business issues, he brings a wealth of experience to our clients, and is a valuable resource for them.

Ron’s real forte is working through the tax issues that arise in the purchase or sale of a business in the context of either planning or resolving such income and capital gains tax issues.  With the ever changing tax code he is an invaluable asset as part of the team that manages such transactions.

IRS and Tax Resolution. With his masters of laws degree (L.L.M.) in Taxation, Ron has maintained a practice in this area from the beginning, whether it is tax return preparation, tax planning, audits, tax appeals, or tax court litigation. Ron offers his tax client’s the right combination of tenacity and calmness to get successful results for his clients.  He has conducted audits, appeals, offers in compromise, tax court litigation, tax collection and other tax related matters throughout his career has been involved in over 200 types of tax resolution matters.

When you hire Ron, he represents you, the client, not the governmental agency claiming tax and penalties from you. He works to prevent IRS seizures and levies of your assets. Ron will take an aggressive approach to resolve your tax matters, including negotiating the reduction of penalties and interest assessed against you. He is proactive on your behalf and does not wait for the IRS to take action, so that he can ensure that your tax dispute has the best chance to be resolved to your satisfaction. Keeping an open dialogue between you and your lawyer throughout the process will also ensure that you are kept updated with the current status of your case.

Many referrals to Ron are from other professionals such as accountants and attorneys who do not deal with the IRS. His relationships with these other professionals over the years is a testament to their confidence that their mutual clients will be taken care of with a dedication demonstrated in each case. Ron will work with your other professionals to formulate the best plan of action to resolve each tax dispute as expeditiously as possible.

A successful resolution of any tax dispute requires experience and an approach for your individual case based on the unique facts of your particular situation. Ron’s approach to tax resolution requires that the taxpayer participate in that process, and to that end, the options available and the likely consequences will be discussed with you so that you may make the best decisions possible for your situation.

Ignoring the IRS or other taxing authority will not make them go away! Delay can have devastating consequences. Call or email Ron and he will be your advocate with the IRS and you can get back to doing what you need to do.  Call Ron today and he can get started on a plan to get sanity back into your life or business.

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